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Important changes on July 1, 2016

  • New health plan rates/subsidy take effect

    The new rates can be found on page 18 of the 2016-17 Health Plans Options Guide posted on this website. The maximum subsidy (DWP’s contribution) effective July 1 is $1,485.68, an increase of $230.

    If your new premium exceeds your subsidy, that net amount will be deducted from your retirement check at the end of June (health plan premiums are deducted in advance).

  • Annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)

    The COLA announced for July 1 is 0.9%, which is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for metropolitan Los Angeles/Riverside/Orange County. This will be supplemented to a maximum 3% by “banked amounts”, if any, remaining from previous years. The Retirement Office will send each retiree a letter in mid-July indicating your new allowance.

    The COLA increase will be reflected on your retirement check at the end of July.